Imagine School

Our Mission & Vision: To provide a quality of life through an integrated education system to the children from various backgrounds and empower them to become best contributing citizens in the Indian society.

The word “imagine” carries a special meaning. This word means “to form a mental image of something not actually present to the senses.” Imagine Public School is imagining to impact children with special needs, children from both lower and higher caste groups to break down caste systems in the Indian society.
Since 2003, we have been providing non-formal education to the marginalized children in remote villages during weekends. Imagine Public School is an initiative to develop a greater awareness of their (children) worth and their opportunities, envision a future without poverty, and acquire knowledge and skills that will enable them to become contributing citizens.
Education is the path to freedom and safety from exploitation. Attending a welcoming school and receiving an English education provides destitute boys and girls with confidence, socio-economic opportunities, and the potential to claim a place in society. Education gives children and their families the tools they need to break the cycle of discrimination and oppression.
Not every village in rural Odisha and West Bengal provinces is served by a government sponsored school. Schools are mostly in the larger villages and due to the lack of public transportation in the remote areas between villages; village children would have to travel a great distance. Also, government schools are poorly operated and lack basic educational needs such as classrooms and study materials and many do not a have a sufficient number of teachers to provide quality education.
Another challenge is the pressure put on these children from their families to go to work to help support the family with a meager income. These factors have contributed to the increase of child labor in the area.
Our goal is to select a large group of interested students from the existing children clubs as well as children from various remote villages and provide them an English education in our school. At the same time, we realize the need to help children with special needs (developmentally delayed). Often, this group of children are neglected in the regular school system and they do not attend schools.
We are seeking to change lives of children through by providing a quality education and training to students from Northern states of India. Our dreams include a home (boys and girls) as a feature of our campus. This would provide avenues for girls to live on the campus and get education. In most cases, the number of girl’s attendance is very low in remote village schools due to various reasons. One of them is that girls are engaged in domestic work to earn livelihood. Secondly, the distance between schools in villages often becomes a hindrance. There are no public transportation facilities in the remote villages to go to schoo12891018_486015894936955_2280302564249601286_ols.  Therefore, our school would definitely encourage girls to obtain education and empower them in the society. Education can change lives! “Help A Child” program invites you to “Help A Child” every month by supporting INR. 1500 per month for tuition fees, food and transportation to and from the school for attending Imagine School. If you would like to sponsor a child, please contact us at: