Sewing and Counseling Centers

Our sustainable sewing training program, provides avenues for women workers on the ground to talk with women about their daily struggles, present the gospel and provide them counseling. When women are away from their families they are more likely to be open to sharing because their family members are not surrounding them. EWN’s effort is to provide holistic care to the downtrodden, EWN aims to meet the material, emotional and spiritual needs of people. A woman who has been denied her most basic humanity by the harsh realities of life in rural India can find her truest humanity as a child of God. We believe this true humanity to be capable of transforming not only individual lives, but whole families, villages and the world. 
Through sewing school training program, women are taken from a place of complete rejection and despair, welcomed into a community where they are taught to recognize their value, and given the training and supplies they need to start a whole new life for themselves and their children.  The outcome of this program helps these women to acquire skills and use them to earn a livelihood.  We recruit women after the training program and produce clothes in our center to be sold in the village markets and distributed through local merchants.  Through these programs women will earn money for their families. Upon completion of the program, women who desire to use their new skills will be recruited to start production of clothes in our center and EWN will market those in the village markets. This makes our efforts and sustainable and effective.We expect to train 200 women in 2015-2017 through 7 sewing centers throughout Odisha, West Bengal and Jharkhand states to help women. Purchase of sewing machines is an urgent need for our sewing centers. EWN also plans to provide bicycles to women who travel a great distance to come to our center every week. In order to make this ministry possible, we are looking for partners who can help us! By providing continued support and encouragement to the destitute women, we believe the next years of Christian mission work efforts will be among the most fruitful we have seen so far.