Project Esther


Esther Women’s Network strongly believes in advocacy program that is to become a voice for the voiceless women. EWN’s goal is to advocate the need of women through many platforms. EWN attempts to help a woman to handle effectively the problems that are faced in day-today life. Care and counseling is not just limited to an activity of conversation between two persons rather a strategy which includes advice, encouragement, support, awareness programs, training that can give spiritual as well as moral support to a woman to stand for their own rights and dignity in the family as well as in the society. It also gives a platform to bring healing to those who are sexually, physically and emotionally abused in the family as well as in the society. Our every life-skill training center has women counselors to help distressed women. Holistic  counseling approach is not only dealing with the physical, emotional aspects, but also sharing the transformational message with the hurting ones.

In the first year (beginning in April 2015), 25 women leaders are provided counseling training from three language groups such as Odiya, Bengali and Hindi. The duration of the training program is 1 year. Key women trainers will attend the training program, which will be organized on STEP campus. They will attend the counseling training program 2 times a year for 10 days.  Within six years, we will train 60 women with counseling skills so that they can counsel women, victims of violence in our sewing centers. EWN’s partner agencies provides basic facilities/logistics for the training and also send women trainers from their organizations for the training. After 8 months of training, each key women leader is responsible to train at least 20 women on the ground within their own organization/ agencies and in their own region.