Welcome to STEP webpage! STEP is attempting to reach communities through the following programs:

  • Our “Village Kids” initiative cares for 150-200 children through weekend children clubs and supports through education.
  • Our Life-Skill Centers (Pragati Sewing) in Odisha and West Bengal states empower 100 women every year with sewing and counseling training.
  • We drill 10-15 pump wells (Wells for Life) every year to provide safe and clean water in the remote villages. 
  • STEP trains 35-45 Master Trainers every year and then sends them to train grass-roots workers on the ground.
  • Currently, our Project Esther initiative empowers 25 women from remote, needy and persecuted regions for 8 months with sewing, computer and counseling skills.
  • In the time of natural calamities such as flood, STEP distributes blankets, food packets, clothes to the victims.
  • Our school (Imagine) is providing education to children from all backgrounds in Odisha, India.